Vin Diesel accompanies to the altar the daughter of Paul Walker .


Meadow Walker, the daughter of the late actor Paul Walker, married her partner Louis Thornton-Allan in the Dominican Republic earlier this month.

The news of the marriage was announced by the 22-year-old herself through a post on the social network Instagram. Meadow, accompanied to the altar one of his father’s best friends, Vin Diesel in the absence of his presence. Diesel’s emotions could also be discerned from a short video as she hugs and accompanies her towards her husband.

In addition to him, another famous Fast & Furious actress, Jordana Brewster, another friend of Paul Walker, was also present at the wedding.

The actor’s daughter told the media that her wedding plans had changed due to the pandemic, as the partner’s family could not be present.

The party was organized in a very private way, while the guests were assured to enjoy it to the end in the simplest possible way: by jumping barefoot in the sand and enjoying the fireworks at the closing of the evening.

The couple revealed that they got engaged in August this year, after Meadow himself posted the engagement ring through a video on Instagram.


Not forgetting to mention that actor Paul Walker died in a fatal car accident in Southern California in 2013 at the age of 40. He was in the passenger seat of a Porsche Carrera GT driven by a racing team partner, when he crashed into a light pole and exploded in flames.

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