Ukraine wins Eurovision 2022.


Saturday night was the final night of one of the most important music festivals in Europe, Eurovision 2022. The song “Stefania” by the group Kalush Orchestra is what was declared the winner of this year’s edition. This season of the festival was held at “Pala Alpitour Of Turin in Italy, and welcomed to the final 25 countries, five of which qualified automatically and the other 20 that qualified from the semifinals. The Kalush Orchestra received enough points from the professional juries of the participating states, but the result went even further when the public votes were announced, from where the Ukrainian state had secured the maximum possible points from the pan-European voters. The group managed to collect 631 points, leaving behind Great Britain and Spain, which were ranked second and third, respectively.

It was the public vote that overturned the result, giving Ukraine first place in the race. Ukraine received a total of 449 points from the public, while 182 points from the jury of states. Meanwhile, our country, represented by the singer Ronela Hajati with the song “Secret”, failed to qualify for the finals. As for the points of the Albanian jury, they evaluated Italy with 12 points.

  • Radio SOL