Trevor Noah will be the presenter of GRAMMY 2022.


Trevor Noah has been selected for the second time in a row as the GRAMMY 2022 Awards presenter. In a recent interview he shared his excitement of returning to the Staples Center, which will soon be renamed the Arena. “It was fun, it was really, a lot of fun. It was a great team. I was just lucky to be a part of it. “We had such a good time, imagine if we had people there, the more fun we would have,” Trevor Noah said of the 2021 event. “This year, the Grammy will be back. Hope it will be the full show. Everyone will be there. We are excited to celebrate such a night and I will be the presenter.”

Noah, who is also a GRAMMY nominee, indicated whether he hesitated to return once again as a presenter or not, saying:

“I said, ‘Let me think about it,’ and then I asked, ‘Why wouldn’t I want to do GRAMMY?’ I do not care who you are, you love music. And then I realized how important it is to me. As a host, I serve many purposes. If not me, who raises Kevin Hart in his place? There are important things I need to do that night. I give JAY-Z emotional support, he is very nervous. I just say to him, ‘It will be fine, JAY. You’re breaking a record, you’re beating Quincy Jones in the nominations. ‘ I’m there to give people moral support.

Harvey Mason Jr, CEO of the Registration Academy, also spoke about Noah’s return. “Trevor was great as our presenter for the 63rd Grammy Awards with praise from the music community, music fans and critics,” he said. 

“We are very excited to welcome Trevor on the Grammy stage and we feel lucky to have him once again and we believe it will be an unforgettable evening.”

The GRAMMY 2022 Awards ceremony will be held on January 31st.

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