This is the list of the richest in the world for 2022 according to FORBES.


According to Forbes’s annual list, there are fewer billionaires in the world this year, and their fortunes are worth $ 400 billion less than a year ago. In 2021 alone, 493 people were part of the list, while this year only 236 were listed. This list includes 34 different countries. China alone managed to have 62 young billionaires, despite difficult times.

In second place is the US with 50 young billionaires, including 28-year-old Gary Wang ($ 5.9 billion), who is the co-founder and chief technology officer of the Bahamas-based ftX cryptocurrency exchange.

India is in third place with 29 young billionaires. From the published list it turns out that only 33 of the 236 new billionaires are graCEO of Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk, surpassed Jeff Bezos and became the richest man on the planet. For the first time, Mask is at the top of the list of world billionaires. As of March 11, the businessman had a fortune of about $ 219 billion, after his fortune increased by $ 68 billion last year, amid a 33% rise in Tesla’s share price.

Mask’s net worth is $ 48 billion more than the fortune of Jeff Bezos, who fell to second place for the first time in four years due to a 3% drop in the shares of his retail giant Amazon. Moreover, the billionaire is estimated that with the increase in charitable donations, he has erased $ 6 billion from his net worth, which is now $ 171 billion.

Bernard Arno took third place in the ranking, with an estimated fortune of $ 158 billion. The head of LVMH is estimated to have added $ 8 billion to his fortune last year.

Bill Gates is in fourth place with 118 billion, while Warren Buffett is in fifth place on the list of Forbes billionaires.

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