This is how “the beatles” influenced on American culture !


The Beatles were more than just musicians.They influenced an entire people.The Beatles arrived in America in February 1964, to never leave after that year.

The Beatles’ influence on the American pop music journey can never be underestimated,as other individuals in American pop history,including Benny Goodman,Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley,who had an impact on teenagers where them,expressed their affections for large groups at concerts and public performances.But the Beatles, just like their previous people,and even more so,went beyond this stage and became a cultural force,where their compositions and behaviors were changing the way how pop music was experienced by a large number of people.The Beatles’ music, which was created in one of the most turbulent periods of American history,reflected that era and even brought it to the present day, where their music remains popular with every succeeding generation that discovers it.

Here are four ways how Beatles influenced the US:


1.The Beatles developed music videos

When MTV first debuted in 1981,America became the first country to have a television station dedicated only for music.At the time,the television network aimed to show music videos,which after a while,would become as popular as the songs,when artists like Michael Jackson and Peter Gabriel brought in new projects.The Beatles changed all that with their first film “Night of a Hard Day”.This film contains some sequences where the songs are played in full and serve as the expression of the music but do not prolong the film event.The most famous is the sequence of the song:”You Can’t Buy Me Love”,where the Beatles appear dancing around a field.


  1. The Beatles changed the way we experience music.

We live in an age of song downloads,where listeners are more likely to buy them online than in the store and are more likely to buy a successful song than an entire album.Once the song was recorded,it was released on its own with a playback speed of 78 or 45 revolutions for minute and people either bought it or did not buy it.If they bought it,obviously it became a success.In those days,the Beatles songs were almost always successful.In April 1964,almost two months after arriving in America,the Beatles’ songs reached the Billboard Top 100.


  1. The Beatles turned rebellion into a “trend” among young people.

Although rebellious behavior has an old tradition in American culture,the Beatles appeared at a time when it had not yet spread well and turning it into a trend not very worthy of their followers.


  1. The Beatles made the long hair style in men not only socially acceptable but also adored.

The Beatles came to the public with their “messy” hair,where most of the print media at the time dealt with their hair style.Once it got popular,this hairstyle took on an identity of its own when Beatles wigs began to be produced from comedians on TV shows dressed like them to get laughter from the public.


Already in the top 50 albums On the Billboard,group Beatles is listed in American albums.Over 50 years after they arrived in America,the Beatles can be experienced again,ss Americans first knew them – with all the songs included ! 

The Beatles changed the rules of music and have influenced American culture more than any other music artist in history.

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