The success of Dawn Fm from The Weekend.


The 16-song album arrived on January 7th and looks set to have a big first week as its predecessor album, After Hours, in 2020. Although it is only a few days from its release, The Weekend’s Dawn FM album is leading the top lists. The album attracted over 60 million broadcasts on Spotify in 24 hours, just as After Hours did on the platform in 2020, and Dawn FM has already reached the 100 million mark worldwide. Each song also entered the Top 20 of Spotify in the US, with each of at least 1 million broadcasts each

If Dawn FM stays on track, it will join The Weeknd’s previous albums, Beauty Behind The Madness (from 2015) and After Hours (2020).

Dawn FM features legendary actor Jim Carey, in addition to 2021 rapper HipHopDX, Tyler, The Creator, Lil Wayne, Quincy Jones and Oneohtrix Point Never

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