The life of singer Madonna in a movie, where the girl plays her role.


Foreign media have recently reported that the famous singer Madonna will publish a biographical film about her life. Madonna is working to bring a film that will best capture the delicate, difficult but also beautiful moments of the 1970s. She went on to say, “It will be a true and powerful description of my life. Only I can tell my story. “

The screenplay has already been completed with the help of “Girl On The Train” writer Erin Cressida Wilson and filming is said to begin soon, about 40 years after the release of “Everybody” in October 1982. Production on the film for Universal has been undertaken by Michael De Luca.

The name that is being rumored in the media that she will play her role will be her daughter Lourdes Leon. In the race to play the role of Madonna are also Florence Pugh and Kanye West’s girlfriend, Julia Fox who has been seen alongside Madonna.

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