The creator of Squid Game: “Leonardo DiCaprio, will be part of the 3rd season.”


Leonardo DiCaprio may join the cast of “Squid Game” in an upcoming season. The news was announced by the director of the series Hwang Dong-hyuk. At a press conference in Seoul, the director was asked if any famous Hollywood actors would star in “Squid Game” season 2.

He went on to say, “There won’t be any Hollywood actors in season 2. Leonardo DiCaprio said he’s a fan of ‘Squid Game.’ So maybe if the chances allow, we can ask him to join in the third season.” The second season will begin filming in 2023 and will be released in 2024. “We will start shooting season 2 next year,” Hwang said, adding that the season will see improvements in production budgets.

As the first Korean director to win Emmys, Hwang said he always aimed to be recognized internationally. He said he hopes the Emmy wins will serve as an inspiration for future international creators.

  • Radio SOL