Some of the best songs over the years that keep us motivated!


The impact of music on people is much more than just a good rhythm to dance or a good sound for our ears. All artists convey different messages through songs, a feature that evokes emotions and very unique sensations of each listener. The power that artists have to influence people only through good art, is something unique that not everyone has managed to do. These are some of the songs over the years, which due to the theme they contain and the message they have, convey strength, inspiration and a ray of light, in the life of every fan of this music.


1.“Girl on fire” – by Alicia Keys.

Alicia Keys wrote this song to give the message to people that we should face every challenge that life brings to us.


2.”Unstoppable” – by Sia.

As she said in the song :” ….I win every single game, I’m so strong…”, so Sia again managed to rank at the top of the charts immediately after the release of the song, and at the same time to affect every listener.


3.” Run the World (girls) ” – by Beyonce.

Beyonce has always been named as one of the most influential women from the industry, in feminism, activism and empowerment of messages through music lyrics. As it is already known by all, this song has turned into an “anthem” conveying one of the most important messages :

“ the strength of women”.


4.” Started from the Bottom ” – by Drake.

The beginnings are always difficult as it was for Drake, or as he’s already known from the latest album, as Certified Lover Boy. In this song Drake shares his personal experiences conveying a motivating message to every listener.


5.” We are the Champions ” – by Queen.

In this ranking there was no way to miss out the song :”We are the champions” – by Queen. Since 1992, this song has been played in stadiums, championships and many concerts. According to a study it is classified as the most listened motivational song over the years.


  1. “ Titanium ” – by David Guetta ft Sia.

The emotions and the strength that this song conveys since the first verses are inevitable.

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