Some details from the music festival “Eurovision 2022”.


Italy will host “Eurovision 2022”, as the rock band, Maneskin, was the winning group of this year’s edition held in Rotterdam. The city where Eurovision 2022 will take place this year will be Toriono. The candidacy presented during the summer by the mayor Chiara Appendino, resulted in victory, leaving behind other well-known cities such as Milan, Bologna, Pesaro, Rome and others. 41 countries will compete in this festival. The 66th competition will take place at the PalaOlimpico arena in Turin on May 10, 12 and 14. In this festival, in addition to the 39 countries that participated during the 2021 festival, will also be Montenegro and Armenia.

The city of Turin reportedly offered almost seven million euros, a figure to which the municipality has contributed out of its own pocket while part of the contribution also includes funds increased by local authorities and territorial associations. The host city had to meet some of the conditions such as: an international airport that is no more than 1 hour and 30 minutes away from the event, a hotel offer with over 2,000 rooms in the vicinity of the event, which must necessarily take place in an infrastructure interior, good perimeter and equipped with air conditioning according to current standards. The structure must necessarily have a capacity of 8000-10,000 spectators in the main hall, which corresponds to 70% of the maximum capacity provided for normal concerts.

It is said that 36 countries will compete in two semifinals, 10 of each of which will be joined by the so-called ‘Top Five Financial Supporters’ – Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

It has not yet been confirmed who the official presenters will be, but it is rumored that they could be Chiara Ferragni and Alessandro Cattelan, otherwise known as Jimmy Fallon of Italy.

  • Radio SOL