Shakira talks about the difficulties at the beginning of her career.


As for any successful singer, fame and success to reach at the top has not been easy, as for the singer Shakira. In a recent interview she has shown that her beginnings haven’t been easy at all, and very often she is prejudiced. The cause has become her Colombian origin.

In an interview she said: “I think I suffered a lot from other kinds of prejudice, like being Colombian. I remember when I had my first big break in music outside Colombia, there were a lot of double comments about what I was going to do. means being Colombian and usually associated with drug trafficking. “It’s like we’re always joking, it was uncomfortable.”

Meanwhile she spoke in detail about her work with Prince William, with whom she is working on a project.

“Seeing Prince William’s passion and how determined he is to provoke change is very, very inspiring. It is incredible to see how committed he and all the people in Earthshot are to making a difference in the world at such a short time. And it is not impossible. “It requires a lot of us, a lot of commitment and determination, and we need to raise awareness about this,” said Shakira.

The singer of the hit “Hips Don’t Lie” has sold over 75 million records and is one of the most successful music artists in the world.

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