Selena Gomez is returning to the kitchen for another season of Selena + Chef.


SELENA + CHEF is back, this time with Selena and her friends and family heading to the beach. Season four will take place at a beach house where Selena will continue to learn the joys of cooking with all-star chefs. 

Selena + Chef first aired back in 2020 in the midst of the pandemic featuring Gomez in her home learning how to cook various dishes with the help of professional chefs. In the past, the show has featured the likes of Roy Choi, Padma Lakshmi, Fabio Viviani, Tanya Holland, and Graham Elliot among many other talented chefs bringing their own dishes to the table for Gomez to try her hand at. 

With each new professional chef comes a different charity that’s highlighted in every episode, adding to the feel-good nature of a show that tackled the hardships of learning to cook in quarantine. 26 different non-profits have been featured on the show so far with $400,000 raised across all charities. Season 4 will be much of the same, only Selena and her loved ones will spend the season at a beach house.

Gomez was happy to continue her learning process through the show, saying in a statement:

“I am looking forward to another season of being in the kitchen with some of the world’s best chefs. Hopefully, my skills have improved. More importantly, we’ve been able to raise money for incredible charitable organizations.”

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