Sean Combs not only executive producer but also presenter at the Billboard Music Awards 2022.


One of the most important music events “Billboard Music Awards” after announcing the nominations of artists for this year has also selected the presenter of the event. This year the “Billboad Music Awards 2022” will be directed by renowned rapper Sean Combs. Sean is no stranger to the Billboard Music Awards, having won trophies in 1997 for Best Rap Artist and Best Rap Song (“I’ll Be Missing You”). an announcement on social networks where he announced that in addition to being the presenter, he will also be the executive producer of the event that will take place on May 15 in Las Vegas.

This year’s nominees include various artists like The Weeknd, Doja Cat, Olivia Rodrigo, Drake, Taylor Swift, Kanye West, Justin Bieber and many more. The awards are based on the time period between April 10, 2021 and May 26, 2022. They are determined by the main interactions of the fans with the music, including sales of digital albums and songs, radio broadcasts and social engagement.

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