Rihanna announces that she is continuing work on new projects.


Famous singer Rihanna has recently revealed that she is expecting her first child with her partner A $ AP Rocky. Although she is expecting her first child, she has announced that she will not give up making music.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, she said: “Well, yes … You’ll still get music from me.”

The creator of the hit “Rude Boy” insisted that she is “always” working on her music and despite fans’ pleas for her to share her latest material, she wants to wait until she is completely satisfied with the work.

She said: “I’m always working on new music. Just because I’ve not released an album in a few years does not mean I’ve not worked on it. I’ll not just release music because people want it.

Rihanna has also been successful as an actress in recent years but does not lag behind and succeed with her brands “Fenty”, where she stressed that everything she is working for should be something she truly believes in. Further explaining Rihanna said: “For me everything is about achieving perfection. That is why I will never release an album for his sake or make a film for his sake or a “fashionable cooperation for his sake. I have to believe in him.”

The last album that the singer has published is the album “ANTI” in 2016.

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