Rapper Lil Baby is honored with the 2022 Music in Action Quincy Jones Award.


Lil Baby will receive the Quincy Jones Humanitarian Award at Music in Action 2022 on Thursday, September 22. The rapper will be honored for his contributions to racial and social issues both inside and outside of the music industry. Lil Baby recently held his third Back to School Fest at Atlanta’s West End Mall. In partnership with Goodr, this organization provided more than 3,000 local children with games, food, backpacks, school supplies and haircuts. He worked with Atlanta restaurateur Lemont Bradley to provide 100 youth jobs. Also established the $150,000 scholarship program for students at his former high school.

The event, sponsored by the Black Music Action Coalition, celebrates artists, executives, businesses, entrepreneurs, activists and companies who have used their platforms to affect social change over the past year.

This award is given to a person, company or organization that has consistently supported social change throughout time. The Weekend and H.E.R. received the Quincy Jones Humanitarian Award at the 2021 Music in Action Awards last year.

The event will be co-hosted by Bel Air actress Coco Jones and Kenny Burns.

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