Pusha T announces that on his new album there will be a collaboration with Jay-Z.


In a new episode of the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast, Pusha T revealed that Jay-Z will be on his next album. After talking about his story with the famous rapper, he mentioned that he had three songs with him, including the time they worked together on Kanye West’s “So Appalled”, their 2016 collaboration “Drug Dealers Anonymous”, and then said that the next collaboration is “something from my new album.”

Almost a year ago, he discovered that the album was almost complete. “I’m working on the album now,” he said. “I did not title it. There will probably be 12 songs. I usually do not do many extra things. I feel like I have some extras now, but I will keep 12. He also promised it would be “the best album to be released in 2021” and said he was looking forward to completing the collaboration with Kanye West, which ended up being the first collaboration launched, “Diet Coke”, which came out a while ago.

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