Psy comes up with a new song.


The creator of the hit “Gangnam Style” will release the new song titled “Take That”, which will be part of his upcoming album “Psy 9th”. Psy’s new song will be released this Friday and was written by singer Suga who is part of the popular Korean band BTS.

Psy is best known for his hit song that came back. in an international hit of 2012 “Gangnam Style”, which was liked immediately after its release and attracted a lot of attention for the singer’s energetic dance in the music video of the song.

He won several awards for song and music video including Best Video at the MTV Europe Music Awards, Musician of the Year at the Korean Music Awards and New Media Award at the American Music Awards.

The song was part of Psy ‘Psy 6 (Six Rules) album, Part 1.

Meanwhile, the new album that is expected to be brought will be his eighth album in the studio, after the release of songs like ‘4X2 = 8’, ‘Chiljip Psy-da’ and ‘PsyFive’.

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