Olivia Rodrigo’s journey into the music industry and the self-confidence she gained as an artist after successes with “Drivers License” and “Sour”.


In 2021, Olivia Rodrigo released her first original song – “Drivers License”. Since then, Rodrigo became a Grammy Award-nominated artist and was best known for her album Sour and the music video for “Good 4 U”. Part of what gave Rodrigo confidence in writing her lyrics, she said in an interview, was the success of the “Drivers License”.

Drivers License helped Olivia Rodrigo learn what makes writing her songs special. As one of her first original songs, “Drivers License” displayed Rodrigo’s unique songwriting style.

“I thought, really, when the Drivers License came out and when it, you know, started to be really successful, I thought I would get distracted by my writing and say, ‘Oh no, I’ll never write something so good.’ “drivers’ license and I’ll worry about everything,” Rodrigo said in an interview with MTV News.

“But I really think it gave me a lot of confidence in my voice and in what makes my songwriting special,” she continued. Between many successes “Sour” and “Drivers License” won several Grammy Award nominations.

Celebrities like Taylor Swift shared their support for him, and US President Joe Biden also invited Rodrigo to the White House to promote the safety and effectiveness of vaccines. The most broadcast album of 2021, according to the music platform Spotify, is Olivia Rodrigo’s Sour. Rodrigo also won several awards and nominations at the MTV Music Video Awards, later receiving recognition from the Grammy Awards. Sour won nominations in the categories “Best Vocal Pop Album” and “Album of the Year”. Rodrigo received the nomination for Best Young Artist. “Drivers License” grabbed several Grammy nominations, including nominations for Song of the Year and Best Solo Pop Performance.

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