Not just a dream, Titanic 2 is coming!


The billionaire named Clive Palmer, an Australian businessman and politician, created a company named Blue Star Line in April 2012. Since that year the goal of this companywas to work on creating a ship similar to the Titanic, and to name this ship Titanic 2. After somefinancial problems, the realization of the cruise ship was postponed for later on. It is estimated that the new Titanic will cost about $500 million and the passenger carrying capacity will reach up to 2,400 passengers.

Also, although it will have the same structure and architecture as the original Titanic, the new Titanic will be equipped with modern tools and equipment. The cruise is expected to start at the end of next year and in terms of ticket price there is no official news yet, but it is rumored that it could be from $ 350 to $ 900.

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