Maluma concert in Tirana on March 14!


It was 2020 when it was initially said that the internationally famous singer Maluma would come to Tirana for a magnificent concert. However, with the start of the pandemic, things changed and his concert was initially postponed and then canceled again. Now the wait is over and after 2 years Maluma’s world tour Papi Juancho World Tour has started. For the first time Tirana became part of such a world-class tour with world-renowned artists such as Maluma.

The date of the concert will be exactly the 14th, the summer day celebration.

The organizers of the concert told the media that initially it was difficult to negotiate with the singer’s staff as they did not recognize Albania as a state but oriented themselves with the surrounding countries such as Italy, Greece, etc. The concert that Maluma will hold in Tirana will be the third in number after 2 concerts in France that start on 10-11 and then on Monday is expected to come to Tirana together with his team.

Tickets continue to sell and can be found at the link listed in Maluma’s own instagram bion. Meanwhile, for all persons who4 bought the tickets two years ago, they are still valid for March 14.

  • Radio SOL