Madonna shows her support for Ukraine through posts on social networks.


Madonna has shown her support for Ukraine in these difficult days after the Russian occupation by posting a video of her hit “Sorry” on social media. Over the weekend, Madonna posted a remix of her 2006 hit “Sorry,” edited alongside images from the war and comparisons between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler. She accompanied the post with a statement in support of Ukraine, writing: “The Reckless Occupation of Ukraine and Driven by Russia’s Greed MUST Stop !! Putin Has Violated Any Existing Human Rights Agreement. Putin Has Not “We support you, President Zelensky !! We pray for you and your country! God bless you all! Let us not feel powerless when faced with geopolitical actions of this magnitude.” its a Global Citizen article about how people can help Ukraine in the midst of a crisis.

Shortly after her posts in support of Ukraine, the media reported that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy followed Madonna on Instagram. Furthermore, she, like many other artists and celebrities around the world from various fields of art, television, politics, etc., has continued to post and support Ukraine and the people in need who are facing this disaster.


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