Katy Perry and Alesso have released the new song “When I’m Gone”.


“When I’m Gone” is an electro-pop song that marks the first collaboration between the DJ and the pop star singer. This is the second song released this year by Perry, after “Electric”, which appeared in May as part of the Pokémon 25 soundtrack. It is also Alesso’s fourth song this year, after “Chasing Stars “, a collaboration between Marshmello and James Bay.

It was learned in the media that talks on this cooperation started almost a year and a half ago. Also during the interview, Alesso praised the singer and said: “I am very excited that the song was finally published. We’ve been waiting all year to introduce you. I’m honored to collaborate with Katy on such a great dance song and with ESPN to become the first artists to premiere our music video in the first half of the College Football National Playoff Championship§. “I liked working with him and I think this song and video turned out to be super special.”

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