Kanye West will now be known as “Ye”.


Rumors in the media said the famous rapper Kanye West,had asked to legally change his name to”Ye”.After sending his claim to the court in Los Angeles,the claim was approved and now the rapper has changed his name from Kanye Omar West to Ye.

But why Ye ?

As many of you know,Kanye has changed many names during his career as an artist but in the future he wants to introduce himself and be known as the“YE”.The rapper’s statement said that this request for a name change came from several personal reasons.Kanye since 2018 when he released his album also titled “Ye”,said in an interview that he believes that “YE”is the most used word in the Bible and means “you”.According to him this name has a meaning deeper spiritual and is not as simple as it seems.

Not forgetting to mention the release of the rapper’s latest album a month ago,which was very successful and managed to become the second most broadcast album ever in 24 hours,on the Spotify platform.

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