Kanye West says security didn’t allow him to enter Kim Kardashian’s home.


In a recent interview, Kanye West told Jason Lee at Hollywood Unlocked that he was not allowed by security to enter the home of his ex-wife Kim Kardashian while wanting to visit their four children, North, Saint, Chicago. and Psalm. Sources close to them said that Kim has never denied him access to the children and that she does her best to make sure he manages to see them, where he also posed for pictures with them last weekend. The source said she asked Kanye to call in advance whenever she would like to come home because she “simply wants a facility to protect her right to privacy in her home”. West claims he and Kardashian have never discussed restrictions on his entry into their shared home before, but he was told he was not allowed to enter the apartment.

During the interview Kanye remarked that: Earlier this week, on Monday, when I went to pick up my children from school, security stopped me at the gate. So at that moment, security was between me and my kids. But I did not want to debate that. So I took my kids to school, and then I got them and I was giving them the car. When I turned to North he said, ‘I want you to come up and see something.’ And it’s like, ‘Oh, Dad can’t come see anything. “Dad can’t come in.”

Kanye linked this to Kim Kardashian’s new relationship with Pete Davidson saying he visits the house where his children live and he can’t even enter.

Meanwhile it is learned that Kim is angry with Kanye’s recent interview and also sources close to the couple have expressed that Pete has not yet introduced himself to Kim’s children and it is known that every time he visits her in Los Angeles, he stays in a hotel in Beverly Hills where she is seen with him.

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