Kanye West brings his poem titled “DEAD”.


Kanye West as always uses his art to bring to people what is currently happening in his life and to explain his feelings. This time West comes up with a poem titled “DEAD”, where he addresses the issue of divorce with Kim Kardashian and the problems of his life lately.

In his post posted on his instagram account, the 44-year-old insisted he would not explain the meaning of his poem because according to him “the explanation destroys the mystery and magic of true love and puts it in a box that can be counted “.

In his late verses, West also talks about the custody of his children and the loss he feels after Kim Kardashian’s new relationship with Pete Davidson.

He also appeared to be referring to recent controversy over his animated video Eazy, in which his clay self kidnaps and buries his ex-wife Kim Kardashian’s boyfriend, Pete Davidson. Finally he commented on the video insisting that he did not mean anything malicious.

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