Kanye West asks Kim Kardashian for a second comeback.


Rapper Kanye West or as he is now legally known as Ye, and Drake attended Thursday’s Larry Hoover Benefit concert in Los Angeles, which aired live on Amazon Music, Prime Video and Amazon Music Twitch Channel. The two rappers split the stage performing together after 12 years of disagreement, which they have already left behind.

The reunion of the two rappers was not the only event that was talked about in the media. Although they have been separated for some time now, Kanye West’s ex-wife Kim Kardashian attended the concert supporting Ye along with two of their children North and Saint. Also in attendance were Kim’s mother, Chris Jenner, along with her Corey Gamble partner, Kendall Jenner, accompanied by Devin Booker, and their cousin, Mason Disick.

During his performance, Kanye West sang the hit “Runaway” released in 2010, where it is said that he dedicated it to Kim, counting one of the efforts during the last months that the rapper continues to make to regain it again.

Kim’s reaction after the rapper’s action was unexpected. A day after the concert it was learned that Kim Kardashian has sought to legally remove the surname West from her name, although only a few weeks ago she stated that despite the divorce she would continue to keep the surname “West” because she would like to carry the same surname as her children.

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