Kanye West announces an important release date for DONDA 2.


After the tremendous success he had with the release of the Donda album in 2021, Kanye West or Ye already, announces that it does not stop there. The sequel to the rapper and producer album for “DONDA” will be released on February 22nd. Future is said to be producing the album, while Marilyn Manson is also working on the album. West, who is now legally known as Ye, reportedly held a party in LA on Monday night on February 7 where ‘DONDA 2’ was played (via TMZ). Artists such as Drake, Travis Scott and Yung Lean were also said to have been present that night.

In an Instagram post last night, Ye shared on his instagram a photo of a house covered in flames with the caption: “Donda 2.2.22 at Loandepot Park Stadium Miami. Tickets on sale Monday at noon.”

Ye has also confirmed that Kid Cudi will not be part of his Donda 2 album.

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