Kanye West and Drake’s “Free Larry Hoover” concert will air on Amazon.


Kanye West and Drake will gather on Thursday for the “Free Larry Hoover” concert. Amazon just announced plans to broadcast the two rappers live show on Thursday night, December 9th.

For those fans who may not be in person at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, Amazon Music and Prime Video have announced plans to broadcast the show live, so the reconciliation event between Kanye West and Drake will now be seen by a wide audience. 

This performance aims to raise awareness about prison reform and sentencing. In addition, various legal reform and community advocacy groups will benefit.

“Kanye and Drake have spent their careers pushing boundaries and defining culture, and we’re excited to give fans around the world a front-row spot for this concert,” said Tim Hinshaw, head of Hip-Hop and Amazon Music R&B in a statement. “We have made Amazon Music and Prime Video destinations where artists can make their most ambitious ideas a reality. This concert is just the latest example.”

Kanye West and Drake showed up in Toronto last month where they discovered they had left behind all the disagreements between them. Kanye West or as he is already known YE, posted a photo where he announced the concert and the “reunion” between him and Drake that fans from all over the world were waiting for. “I believe this event will not only raise awareness of our cause, but will show people everywhere how much more we can achieve when we put aside our pride and unite,” Ye said.


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