Justin Bieber talks about his marriage and the emotional fluctuations he experienced during that period.


During an interview on Apple Music ‘The Ebro Show’, singer Justin Bieber recounted the difficult moments of his life and the emotional fluctuations he had after marriage. Justin Bieber, now only 28 years old, married 25-year-old model Hailey Baldwin in 2018. As he says, at that time he thought of marriage as a solution to his problems. He explained: “It’s like a journey. I remember when I got married the first few days I had an emotional crisis because I thought marriage would fix all my problems and it didn’t.”

In his life he has explained that the fact of being a celebrity at a young age has negatively affected him, causing him to use drugs, fight mental health problems and mistreat partners he has had before. . He further added that his faith and relationship with the god were what helped him not to be so harsh with himself.

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