Justin Bieber cancels his concerts due to health conditions.


Famous singer Justin Bieber has been forced to cancel upcoming shows due to his health condition. In his statement he did not give any details about what disease he suffers from but simply informed his fans that with much regret he will have to postpone all the dates of the concerts.

The creator of the hit “Love Yourself” would perform in Toronto, Canada at the Scotiabank Arena on June 7 and 8, but he has postponed the dates along with a scheduled show in Washington, DC on June 10 as part of his world tour “Justice”.

In his statement he wrote on Instagram Story adding that:

“I can not believe I am saying this. I have done everything to improve, but my illness is getting worse. It breaks my heart that I will have to postpone these future shows.

To all my people, I love you so much and I will rest and improve! “

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