Facebook is accused of stealing the new logo.


The company “Facebook” changed its name to Meta a few days ago, but also its logo. A German pharmaceutical company has accused the tech giant of stealing its migraine logo.

“We are very honored that Facebook feels inspired by the logo of our migraine app. “Maybe they will be inspired by our data privacy procedures,” said the German company Sense.

Facebook changed the name of the corporation in Meta as part of a major rebranding. The company said it would better include what it does as it is expanding its reach beyond social media to areas like virtual reality. The change does not apply to his individual platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp, but only to the group that owns them. The move comes after a series of negative Facebook stories, based on internal documents discovered by a former employee. According to Mark Zuckerberg, by 2031 we will all live and work in metaverse, a series of virtual worlds which will become the most important platform of new technology since the discovery of the internet. He is convinced that this is the future, so much so that this week Facebook announced that it would create 10,000 new jobs in the EU dedicated to building metavers.

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