Elton John turns out to be infected with covid-19.


British artist Elton John’s concerts at the American Airlines Center in Dallas have been postponed after he tested positive for COVID-19. The 74-year-old musician is fully vaccinated and it is known that he is currently experiencing only mild symptoms, according to a post on his Instagram. John had announced the dates of the tour in June 2021, saying at the time: “The shows I am announcing today will be the last dates of my ever touring in North America and Europe. “I will perform in the greatest way possible, performing my best, with the most spectacular production I have ever had, playing in places that have been so important to me throughout my career.”

The singer had just returned with the organization of live concerts after a break of almost two years due to the pandemic. The tour was also delayed last year after he underwent surgery.

Meanwhile, for all the fans who are waiting to attend his concerts, it has been announced that they have to wait until a second announcement until the announcement of new dates.

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