Ed Sheeran will donate all proceeds from his new song “2step” to help Ukraine.


Ed Sheeran traveled to Ukraine in February for a recording of his latest song before the war. He already announces that all proceeds from the 2step song will go to the DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal.

In a statement to the media he said: “I filmed the video for ‘2step’ in the city of Kiev, Ukraine before the destructive acts of violence began. It was my first time visiting the country and I felt very welcome during “My stay there, all of us from the production team to the many people I met during my vacation. Ukraine is a proud country and I’m thankful I had the opportunity to film my video there. I support Ukraine.”


In the shot clip Ed Sheeran appears walking through the streets of the capital Kiev surrounded by professional ballerina. “2step” comes in collaboration with Lil Baby, news which Ed Sheeran has long confirmed himself.

This is not the first time Ed Sheeran has taken such initiatives to help Ukrainians. Last month he and Camila Cabello premiered their collaboration on the song “Bam Bam” at the “Concert For Ukraine” fundraiser that took place at the Resorts World Arena in Birmingham.

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