Ed Sheeran has been named the most listened radio artist worldwide.


With about 4.3 million listeners in just one year, 30-year-old singer Ed Sheeran also left behind Dua Lipa who was ranked as the second most listened to artist on the radio with only 100,000 fewer listeners than Ed Sheeran. The Weeknd was the third most played artist with 3 million streams. This information was collected by the music platform Viberate which analyzed 24000 radio stations in 150 countries of the world, which placed “Queen” in fourth place with 2.9 million and in fifth place with 2.8 million “Maroon 5”.

The music industry platform ‘Viberate’ told the media: “We set the annual figures for each relevant music and social media channel, from Spotify to Beatport and TikTok, and drew conclusions about the music industry trends and markets in 2022.”

Viberate also reported that rock music has had a revival as it is ranked as the second largest genre with 79.9 million listeners worldwide. However, pop music remains the most popular with 141 million listeners.

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