Ed Sheeran and Elton John bring “Merry Christmas” on December 3rd.


Ed Sheeran has confirmed that his song dedicated to the Christmas holiday in collaboration with Elton John will be released later this week. Through a video on social networks he decided to make public the launch date on the market.

The song, titled “Merry Christmas”, will be released later this week and according to Sheeran’s written messages in the announcement video, he wrote the chorus for the song on the same day Elton John found out about the collaboration. This song will be released on December 3 and is also inspired by the iconic scene of the movie “Love Actually”.

Proceeds from the song from the Christmas period in the UK will go to the ED Sheeran Foundation, which he founded in 2019 to provide grants to young musicians in his hometown of Suffolk, and John’s organization, which he founded in 1992 to come to the aid of those affected by HIV.

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