Dua Lipa receives the ‘Distinguished Leadership’ award: “It is in our genes to flourish.”


Dua was a participant in the Outstanding Leadership Awards 2021 event at the Atlantic Council, accompanied by the President of the Republic of Kosovo, Vjosa Osmani.

Meanwhile, he started the speech with “Good evening”.

Born and raised in London, she spoke about Kosovo and the creativity of Kosovars as a young and successful population in art, most recently with the film “Awakening of Blerta Basholli.

“I stand before you as a child of Kosovo, born and raised in Great Britain. You come from a place that most of you have heard but probably not in the way I will describe it now. I want to share with you some things about my Kosovo. Kosovars like parties, this is not a surprise as 50% of the population is under 25 years old. I am officially elderly in Kosovo. “For a small country, Kosovo is exploding with creativity, such as the beautiful Kosovar film” Hive “that won three major awards,” said Lipa, among others.

Further, Dua asked the President of the European Commission also for visa liberalization for Kosovo.

“Young people are struggling to find work and their opportunities are hampered by constraints that make it difficult to travel for work or pleasure. After meeting all the criteria, the European Commission actually recommended visa liberalization for Kosovo more than three years ago. So do you think we can achieve that now? Kosovo is also the youngest country in Europe in another way. They are only 13 short years on our path to independence. And as part of a strong international community, we will thrive emotionally. We will thrive economically and culturally. It’s in our genes. “Wouldn’t it be appropriate if Kosovo could take its place within that peaceful union, thrive economically alongside our neighbors and heal the wounds of the recent conflict?” Lipa said during her speech.

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