Drake honors the memory of Virgil Abloh with a tattoo.


Just a few weeks have passed since the tragic death of Virgil Abloh and rapper Drake recently learned that he has done a tattoo honoring the memory of the visionary who served as Artistic Director of menswear for the company Louis Vuitton and CEO of Off-White.

Discovered by tattoo artist Joaquin Ganga of Ganga Tattoo, the tattoo the Canadian artist made is based on an iconic photo of Virgil throwing a balloon at his Louis Vuitton show for the Spring / Summer 2020 collection. For years Drake and Virgil shared a very good friendship with each other. Virgil Abloh’s tattoo also joined other “engraved” homage to Drake’s body, which includes tattoos by artists such as Aaliyah, Sade, the Beatles and more.


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