Donald Trump makes serious accusations against Baldwin: Maybe he intentionally killed the cinematographer


Donald Trump has made a strong statement against actor Alec Baldwin. The former US President has said that the tragic death of Halyna Hutchins in the shooting of Rust’s film may not have been an accident.

Trump talked about the Rust movie incident and the role of Alec Baldwin in it, on the American show, ‘Saturday Night Live’.

The former president has said: “He is a boy of trouble. There is something wrong with it. I have seen it for years. He quarrels with journalists. He is crazy, unstable. And considering that he is such a man, you know, in my opinion, he had something to do with it. “

On the other hand, the famous actor Alec Baldwin stated that the shooting was a “tragic accident” and claimed that he was told that the weapon was not yet loaded. But Trump said he thought Baldwin should not have aimed the gun at a member of the film crew, whether it was a loaded gun or not.

Trump’s statement does not end there. He added that if he was given a weapon, he would initially shoot it in the air. He also went on to ask how the gun was loaded with real ammunition, accusing Baldwin of “maybe he loaded it”.

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