Dj Avicii’s notes soon in a book.


Famous DJ Avicii, whose real name is Tim Bergling, killed himself on April 20, 2018 at the age of 28. The death of the famous Swedish dj came almost two years after he announced his withdrawal from the tour, explaining about the stress, poor mental health and other chronic health problems he had at the time.

His latest journal entries, which include details of his life, problems with alcohol, narcotics, rehabilitation time and much more written before his suicide, will be published in Måns Mosesson’s next book, which will be titled “Tim – Official Biography of Avicii”.

Avicii is learned to have spent time in the rehabilitation center in Ibiza Calm in 2015 after the intervention of his family. While there, he wrote about his pain and left behind many notes. One of them was: “It had to be explained to me very logically and bluntly, to really understand its nature and how it was hurting me. Oh, the pain. Why do I have pain now? Unpleasant feeling. My future faces pain. “The team of the future copes with the pain better than the current team, because there is already a lot of current pain more urgent to treat.”

This diary entry and many more are expected to be published in the next book, this month on January 18th.

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