Chris Martin confirms that Coldplay will release three more albums before retiring from music.


In December Chris Martin announced that the band Coldplay would stop making music after 2025, apparently signaling the withdrawal of the British band. Now, the band leader has confirmed that from now until 2025, the band will release three more albums, one of which will be a musical.

In a recent interview Martin claimed that the band will stop recording new music after their 12th album. The band had just released their ninth album in the studio Of Music Of The Spheres in October 2021. Meanwhile Martin told the media that:

“We will make 12 albums. I like it and it’s amazing, but it’s also very intense. I feel like I know the challenge is finite, to make this music is not difficult, so: “This is what we have to do”.

Martin also recently spoke with Ellen Degeneres about the band’s decision to make three more Coldplay albums saying “it does not look good to us”. He explained that they will continue the tour and will always be together as a group of musicians and friends. “But I think the history of our albums ends then.” Chris Martin later confirmed to the talk show host that they are actually interested in making a “musical film”.

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