Chris Brown announces to fans about the new album and other projects.


The good news comes to all Chris Brown fans who have long been waiting for new music projects from the singer himself. In early December, Chris Brown confirmed that the “Breezy Era” would begin in January. He has already announced that the album is not the only project we should expect from the singer.

Chris Brown fans have been expecting new music from him since the release of his ninth album titled “Indigo” in 2019. Following the announcement of the project in recent months, it was also confirmed that the album is “on the way” together with a host of other projects.

Chris Brown announced on social media shortly after midnight on December 30, writing in a post: Can’t wait to show you guys all the stuff I’ve been working on (music, NFT, art, movie etc)

Earlier this month on December 17, Chris announced on his instagram that “The Breezy Era will begin in January”.

A movie is also taught to be in shooting. These are the only details that the singer has given on his projects.

Now the only thing left for us is to wait for his songs, which will undoubtedly be a real hit, along with other projects.

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