Cardi B Becomes First Female Rapper To Have 2 Diamond Certified Songs


Cardi B has another milestone to celebrate. The rapper, despite having just one album to her name, is now the first and only female rapper in RIAA history to have multiple Diamond-Certified singles.

She achieved this after collaborating with Maroon 5 on the hit song “Girls Like You” from their 2017 album. The album “Red Pill Blues” sold more than 10 million copies in the US and in March Cardi ‘s “Bodak Yellow” was released. also certified by Diamond, making her the only female rapper in history with two diamond plates.

The mother of two celebrated the milestone with a Tweet thanking Maroon 5 for her collaboration on the song.

“Wow I have two Diamond discs! “Thank you very much @ maroon5 for including me in this song,” she wrote on Twitter on Tuesday, November 30th. “This is the song I sing to my daughter every time I perform it. I’m forever grateful.”

After initially releasing “Girls Like You” as a Maroon 5 single, Cardi was added to the single version when the album was re-released in May 2018.


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