Bruno Mars is criticized for his behavior on the stage of the Grammy Awards 2022.


During the Grammy Awards 2022, singer Bruno Mars as part of the R&B group “Silk Sonic”, which consists of Bruno and rapper Anderson Paak, won the “song of the year” award for their hit that was published in 2021 “Leave the Door Open”.

As Bruno Mars took to the stage to receive the award he stepped in front of the audience and lit a cigarette. This action was commented a lot on the network, where there was also a lot of criticism because as it is known, smoking is prohibited indoors and moreover on stage. Many fans reacted through social networks criticizing his action, some even said that this action of the artist should receive more attention than that of actor Will Smith in the “Oscars” awards.

Meanwhile their song became the big winner of the night, collecting a total of four Grammy Awards over the evening.

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