Britney Spears is coming back with new music!


Britney Spears had an immensely difficult year, but she’s ready to make a comeback. On Wednesday the singer proved her voice is stronger than ever in a video posted to her Instagram feed. So far she hasn’t given any more updates, but she appears to be moving forward with her return. Since gaining freedom from her 13-year-long conservatorship, Spears has used social media as an outlet for self-expression. Switching between posting dance videos, outfit reveals, and photos of her home life, the singer is finally able to be herself both on- and offline.

Though we can expect to hear new music in the future, we may see Spears return to the big screen first. In November she announced that she’d finished shooting a film called The Idol. Some fans suspect that it’s the same project The Weeknd is working on for HBO, though that has not been confirmed. Meanwhile, Spears is also writing a new book about a ghost who comes back to life after spending three years in limbo.

With this many projects in the works she’s sure to make a triumphant return, and after a much too long hiatus, we’re all excited to see it.   

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