Billie Eilish talks about her experience with covid-19.


At a time when disinformation and conspiracy theories about coronavirus vaccines are prevalent everywhere, the singer Billie Eilish argues that if she had not been vaccinated she would have died. During an interview on a radio show in America Billie Eilish confidently said: “The vaccine is wonderful and also saved my brother Finneas from infection, saved my parents from infection, saved my friends from getting infected”. Eilish also said she was not well because of the virus and that she was still experiencing some undetected side effects.

Eilish was recently nominated in seven categories at the 2022 Grammy Awards, including Album of the Year for her second album, “Happier Than Ever” and Song of the Year for the song of the same name. She also co-hosted Saturday Night Live with Kate McKinnon. During the last episode of the show, not only as a presenter but Eilish was also invited as a performer. She especially attracted attention with her white dress that made her look different from any other public appearance.

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