Billie Eilish on “Saturday Night Live”: She will present the show, sing and perform in comedy sketches.


Singer Billie Eilish is going through a wonderful moment in her career, managing to become one of the most successful singers in the world even though at a very young age. She will now be directing the comedy show “Saturday Night Live” on NBC.

Through the official Instagram account, the singer has surprised everyone by announcing that she will be the presenter of the show that has been broadcast for more than forty years through the international network. If that were not enough, this would not be her only role in the program.

 “Ahhhh !! I will be presenting and performing on SNL (Saturday Night Live)!! It is madness and I want to shout !! See you on December 11th, SNL! “, The 19-year-old artist wrote on her Instagram account. It should be noted that the singer debuted in the show two years ago, when she presented “Bad Guy”.

 In addition to the role of presenter, the singer will be in charge of a piece of music in which she will present her latest album “Happier Than Ever”.

 She will also perform in the show’s humorous sketches.

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