Avril Lavigne returns with a brand new album on a whole new label.


Titled Love Sux, the 12-song album is produced by Travis Barker’s DTA records. Lavigne, 37, announced the release of her album shortly before midnight on her social network Twitter.

“Knock knock. Who is there? Love. Love whom? LOVE SUX BITCHES ,” she wrote in her status.

This is Lavigne’s first album since 2019 Head Above Water, the last album she released with Elektra Records. Last week, Lavinge announced her next Instagram album with a collection of photos with Barker and Blackbear.

Love Sux brings Lavigne’s collaboration with Barker called “Bite Me”, which she debuted in November 2021 in a video posted on tiktok.

“He starred on my album ‘The Best Damn Thing.’ “It’s been good to work with him because he’s an artist – since the president of my label is an artist, it makes it somewhat easier and more fun because he just understands.”

The Canadian artist initially announced the publication of the song on Instagram along with a photo of her with the caption “Bite Me”.

A week ago, Lavigne also announced he was joining DTA Records, launched by Barker in 2019.

Fans already have the opportunity to listen to 12 new songs on Apple and Spotify.

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