Amy Winehouse’s clothes and personal items up for auction .


When Amy Winehouse passed away ten years ago,she joined the list of talented musicians who were taken from the world far too soon.Amy Winehouse was found dead at her home in London on July 23- 2011,and her cause of death was ruled to be alcohol intoxication. 

A film was made for her life from birth to death,utilizing tools such as home videos,interview footage, family photos,and interviews with over a hundred people who knew the singer.In this way,the actor that plays Amy’s role,memorializes not just the great artist she was,but also the human being behind her name.

This is not the first action to memorialize the singer.Here are three other ways for her memory to be not forgotten :


1)The foundation named in her honor is a charity created shortly after her death by Winehouse’s family and friends.The organization has several goals: to prevent substance abuse through education, to provide rehabilitation and on going support for at-risk youth, and to create opportunities for disadvantaged youth to learn and practice music. 


2)The founders of the foundation authorized the artist Scott Eaton,to create a statue of Amy in North London.The sculpture was unveiled in a public ceremony on what would have been Winehouse’s 31st birthday.Fans are welcome to visit the Amy’s statue, which stands in her hometown of Camden.


3)Back in 2012, her father published a book called Amy, where he talks about the tragic life of his daughter.


But these are not the only ways her family has tried to keep her memory alive.Now they will auction off some of her personal belongings.Amy Winehouse’s family has decided to auction off about 800 personal items of the singer who passed away 10 years ago.Nearly 800 of Amy Winehouse’s belongings,including the short dress the late singer wore in her final concert,are up for auction.Most of Winehouse’s dresses are priced at $2,000-$4,000.Opening bids for belts, perfume, shoes, ballet slippers, guitars and drum kits start as low as $50-$100.Her family wants to make sure all her fans have a chance to buy something.The auction will be held on November 6 and 7 and all money will be donated to charity.


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