Adele’s successes after the publication of “30”.


After her sensational comeback this year the famous singer Adele had a series of successes and managed to earn dizzying sums. Adele who is a 15-time Grammy winner, known worldwide for her heartfelt songs that make millions of listeners, is becoming even richer after the release of her songs, as well as her most popular song. the latest “Easy On Me”, which immediately went to the top of the charts. Her latest album, ’30’, reached number one in many parts of the world, proving that even after more than a decade of absence from the stage, she remains a music icon.

It has already been announced that the 33-year-old will perform two shows every weekend from January 21 to April 16 at the Colosseum at the Caesars Palace Hotel. According to Billboard, the singer-songwriter is thought to have generated more than $ 50 million from ticket sales, which is said to be on average more than $ 2 million per show.

Adele is so successful that it is hard to believe that she has released only four albums from 2008 to 2021. She has achieved success and broken records. With each new publication, it increases its total profits in the chart, sales, broadcasts and net worth.

Adele currently has a fortune of $ 220 million and all this well-deserved profit has come as she has focused entirely on music and has gained almost all the wealth from writing and recording original music and playing it live for millions of people around the world .

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