5 Coolest airports in the world !


It happens to all of us to wait in airports and it is certainly something very tiring and boring, but not in these places. Below we will list some of the”COOLEST” airports in the world so far, based on their comforts and other features.


  1. Schipol Airport in Amsterdam.

At the Schipol Airport there is also the Rijks Museum where except the famous Dutch paintings, travelers can also see the collection of the oldest aircraft ever.


  1. Performance at Incheon International Airport in South Korea.

Every day of the year on the stage of the Millennium Hall in the first Terminal are given cultural performances as well as classical K-pop concerts five times a day. Also on the third floor of Terminal 2 there are dance performances with camouflaged clothing three times a day.


  1. Netflix and anything else just at Dubai’s airport.

Dubai International Airport has become a very cozy place where passengers can consume something while waiting, watch Netflix and then in Terminal 3, there are gyms, baths, jacuzzi and swimming pools. Of course none of these services are free.


  1. San Francisco’s International Airport.

San Francisco’s International Airport in collaboration with the SFO Museum and the San Francisco Arts Commission brings an exhibition to the art gallery at the airport museum.


  1. Changi’s Airport in Singapore.

This airport is considered by travelers as the airport of their dreams, which has a variety of shops and restaurants, the largest waterfall created in the world and the largest garden which resembles a real jungle, where even locals visit this airport to spend a weekend.

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